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Novavax announced on Monday that its coronavirus vaccine was found to have an overall efficacy of 90.4% in a Phase 3 trial conducted across the United States and Mexico.

The gunman who killed nine colleagues at a light rail yard in Northern California before taking his own life appeared to target his victims, a sheriff told CNN on Thursday.

One of America's largest hospital chains, Community Health Systems, has filed at least 19,000 lawsuits against patients in the last year, a CNN investigation finds.

US President Joe Biden's administration entered the White House this year aiming to unite allies in efforts to contain China's territorial claims across the Indo-Pacific.

Vaccine advisers to the federal government tell CNN they don't foresee AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine being used in the United States, and even if it were offered, they personally wouldn't take it ...

US news Drone footage shows fire and scale of massive train derailment in US – video Play Video 1:26. A Union Pacific train hauling hazardous materials derailed and caught fire near the city of ...

In 2016, the US state department said it had uncovered a fake embassy in Accra that had been issuing a stream of forged visas. The story went viral – but all was not as it seemed. By Yepoka ...

Long before Jamestown or the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Massachusetts in 1620, the US English style of spelling words such as 'honor', 'color', and 'center' were alive and well in British English.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has launched a vulnerability disclosure program allowing ethical hackers to report security flaws to federal agencies. The platform, launched ...

At Pastor Tony Spell's Sunday sermon this week, he preached a different kind of message than usual to his congregants: Don't trust Covid-19 vaccines.

Military activity in the South China Sea spiked over the weekend as a Chinese aircraft carrier entered the region and a US Navy expeditionary strike group wrapped up exercises.

Since Trump embarked on his campaign for the US presidency in June 2015, dozens of attacks or threats involving his supporters have been reported. Here, the Guardian has compiled details of 52 ...

This is familiar ground for us, but given the sheer flow of IPOs we cannot sit back and presume that our knowledge is current; things are happening with enough speed that regular revisions of our ...

I want us to extend out the years that we can be healthy and happy versus on medication and decrepit,” she told us. Veteran healthcare VC Camille Samuels explains why trying to cure infectious ...

The men crouched inside the cave, their faces streaked with dust, occasionally flinching involuntarily at the explosions overhead, which seemed to shake the entire mountain.

Continuum of care is a concept involving an integrated system of care that guides and tracks patient over time through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels of intensity of care. This article presents a definition of continuum of care, including objectives, basic components, a …

Moths, bats and owls are just some of the animals best observed at night, and they tell us a lot about the health of ecosystems. Age of Extinction reporter Phoebe Weston ventures into a dark wood ...


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This Is Us

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