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Visit the Krasus Landing and complete the Armies of Legionfall quest. After completing the Assault on Broken Shore quest, go back to the Violet Citadel and talk to Khadgar again. Accept the Argus ...

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Armies of Legionfall • Accept the quest, Armies of Legionfall, either through logging into the game and selecting the quest, or by clicking on your Adventure Journal and selecting "The Broken Shore." • Travel to Krasus' Landing, in Dalaran to coords 66.24, 42.04. • After meeting with Archmage Khadgar, follow him and turn in the quest.

Emissary Quest In Patch 7.3, the emissary quest Armies of Legionfall will be added. This will be part of the regular emissary quest rotation up for Broken Shore factions. Completing 4 Armies of Legionfall quests for the emissary will rewards 1500 reputation, Unity of the Orders, and Legionfall Spoils. Regular Rep Gains

[110] Armies of Legionfall [110] Assault on Broken Shore; After obtaining this quest, return to your Class Hall and speak with your advisor (usually right next to the Scouting Map) to begin your class quest line to recruit the Legionfall champion. When you have completed the quest line, return to Maiev to turn in this quest.

The Legionfall Campaign is then complete, and you should receive a quest from an NPC at Deliverance Point to start your class mount questline.----The Deceiver's Downfall (Not mandatory!)----Pillars of Creation (Not mandatory!) The two quests listed above are definitely not required for the Legionfall Campaign (or to get your class mount).

Kommentar von bac946 i'm trying to finish the Achievement "War of Light and Shadow" and it's lead me here to Alleria Windrunner where she has found a survivor. i turned it in and nothing. she hasn't given me another quest or anything. i see on videos on youtube that she and the broken have quest for me but they don't (the broken is gone by the way). i'm not sure where to go.

When you hand in your emissary quest to Warmage Silva (the Kirin Tor Emissary), you can choose between: 750 Reputation for the Nightfallen, Armies of Legionfall, Army of the Light or Argussian Reach; 1500 Reputation for any other Broken Isles faction.

First-time arrivals to Booty Bay may find it tough to find nearby quest-givers thanks to the many walkways, planks and ramps used to get around the city and its many 'layers'. However, players of all level ranges can be expected to be found going about their business in Booty Bay. Frequent visitors will more than likely fit in the 35-45 range.

armies of legionfall quest

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