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An army is a large organized group of people who are armed and trained to fight. In British English, after army you can use either a singular or plural form of a verb. The army is in a high state of readiness. The army are clearing up quite a bit of the land.

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This is a list of Armies (Land Forces) of the countries of the World. List of armies by country. Country Army Founded Endonym Ref.

Almost every country in the world has an army that protects it against both external and internal forces. When comparing militaries, the size of the standing army does not judge the strength of the military alone. Their military histories, budgets, and current operations also have to be taken into account. 29 Largest Armies In The World In 2020

Armies (as well as army groups and theaters) are large formations which vary significantly between armed forces in size, composition, and scope of responsibility. In the Soviet Red Army and the Soviet Air Force, "Armies" could vary in size, but were subordinate to an Army Group-sized "front" in wartime.

the military land forces of a nation 2. a military unit usually consisting of two or more corps with supporting arms and services 3. (modifier)

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What’s more valuable than talking about the best armies in the world is talking about the worst armies in the world. What good is all the training, equipment, and resources if a country still fields an army who can’t win? These ten armies make the Salvation Army look like a credible fighting force. 10. Costa Rica