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Battlefield Heroes is a free online multiplayer 3D shooter. Unlike many it has a third person view, is bloodless and cartoony in style. It features a variety of game modes, weapons and vehicles. To play, you have to sign up for a free EA account, which then allows you to install a browser plug-in and install the game. You always start from your ...

Battlefield Heroes was een third-person shooter in cartoon-stijl voor pc.Het spel werd oorspronkelijk ontwikkeld door DICE en Easy Studios nam de ontwikkeling later over. Het computerspel kwam uit in 2009 en is een nieuw leven in geblazen in 2017 bij diverse Revive projecten.. Battlefield Heroes kon gratis worden gespeeld. Inkomsten werden gegenereerd door advertenties in het spel en doordat ...

Adapt and overcome in a near-future world transformed by disorder. Battlefield returns on October 22, 2021. Explore Battlefield 2042 Join Now Join Now BATTLEFIELD GAMES Battlefield 2042 Battlefield V Battlefield 1 ALL BATTLEFIELD GAMES LATEST NEWS Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

Welcome Soldier! The Battlefield Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia that has been dedicated to the Battlefield series for over a decade, from Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield 2042 and everything in between. You'll find information on the multiplayer maps, singleplayer levels, weapons, vehicles, and more! The wiki is dedicated to collecting all information related to the franchise ...

Rising Hub is dedicated to restoring online gameplay to our favorite Play4Free title - Battlefield Heroes. Upset by the fact the game was shutdown in mid-2015, talents from all corners of the globe teamed up to make a dream come true. With most introductory research and proof of concepts completed, the Rising Hub Team is moving at blazing speeds.

Battlefield Online 『BF2』のリメイク作。2010年 3月25日リリース。『Battlefield Heroes』同様、無料でプレイ可能。また、『Battlefield Heroes』ではエレクトロニック・アーツがサーバーを提供しているが、今作は韓国のNeowizが提供していた。2013年 3月にサービスが終了し ...

battlefield heroes

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