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The official Battlefield trailer announcement Tweet has over 155,000 likes, making it one of the most favorited interactive gaming Tweets of 2021. EA will likely also talk about the new ...

New Battlefield trailer sends Battlefield 4 servers into a frenzy. By Fabian. Jun 24, 2021. Favorite . The long-anticipated ‘Battlefield 6’ which we now know as ‘Battlefield 2042’ finally dropped its gameplay trailer last week, and was met with pure pandemonium.

New Battlefield trailer June 9.! Battlefield 6. 1: 98: June 2, 2021 BATTLEFIELD trailer screenshots. Battlefield Discussions. 9: 582: May 22, 2021 The new Battlefield reveal poster. Battlefield Discussions. 4: 634: May 18, 2021 Leaked screenshot from the Battlefield reveal trailer. ...

New Battlefield trailer on June 9 should deliver huge BF6 info blowout. Battlefield 4 servers get slammed as Battlefield 2042 hype heats up. We could be playing the new Battlefield as early as July 22

That Battlefield trailer did absolutely nothing for me. It's all about the gameplay when it comes to games like that and there's exactly 0,0 of it in the trailer. Do we know when Sony's next Conference is? Nope

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