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Dulce was founded by the Gomez family as a ranching operation. [citation needed] The original name was "Agua Dulce," Spanish for "fresh water" because of the presence of natural springs that provided good drinking water for the people and their animals. The original homestead was founded in 1877 by Jose Eugenio Gomez.

Starr was busy at the time creating painted art, including unique self-portraits to auction to help fund the work of the Lotus Foundation charity, and the Gomez family purchased a portrait and ...

The Gomez Family. My daughters and I suffer from pet allergies, therefore we can only have hypoallergenic dog breeds in our home. We have an elderly shih-tzu who is slowly deteriorating, so we made the decision to seek out a puppy to add to our family. After researching hypoallergenic dog breeds, we fell in love with miniature schnauzers.

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gomez family

[ˈgoʊmɛz ˈfæməli]