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Irina Derevko (mother-in-law) Nadia Santos (sister-in-law) Nationality: American: Michael C. Vaughn is a fictional character on the television series Alias. Played by Michael Vartan, Vaughn is one of Sydney Bristow's co-workers and her ongoing love interest. He, like Sydney, is skilled in a variety of areas.

That experiment was designed to use standardized tests given to school children to determine potential future CIA recruits. The Soviets became aware of the project and sent KGB operative Irina Derevko on an undercover mission to determine the specifics so they could enact their own version of the program.

She made a move to the smaller screen and played the role for one season as the deliciously evil "Irina Derevko", the mother to Jennifer Garner's "Sydney Bristow" in the series Alias (2001). Olin received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Irina Derevko, Lena Olin's character, is pivotal from the very start of the season. Walking out of the shadows we (and Sydney) first see her face. Sydney says "Mom?" -- and Irina calmly shoots her daughter. I won't go into great detail to avoid spoiling the ride for all you current (or potential) "Alias" fans.

Nadia is the daughter of Syd's mother, Irina Derevko, and her arch nemesis, Arvin Sloane. The relationship between Sydney and her father Jack Bristow (Victor Garber) is tested once again when Syd learns that her father murdered her mother in cold blood after learning Irina had put a contract out on Syd's life.

Lena Olin as Irina Derevko / Laura Bristow [ 2 ] David Anders as Mr. Sark [ 2 ] Down to Latest Season. Printable Guide @TVmaze. Show Summary @TVmaze. list as .csv. The Futon Critic. IMDb. Share TV. TV Club. TV Guide. Wikipedia. FAQ. SEARCH epguides. Menus & Grids. Episode list & details from: TVmaze • TV.com. Episode # ...

Irina Derevko si consegna alla CIA e viene rinchiusa in una prigione di massima sicurezza. La donna afferma di essersi pentita del suo passato e di voler recuperare il rapporto con la figlia Sydney. Ma Jack Bristow, che conosce bene Irina, non si fida di lei.

En mayo de 2005, por aclamación popular, Olin volvió al papel de Irina Derevko en Alias para aparecer en los dos últimos episodios de la cuarta temporada. Posteriormente apareció otra vez en la quinta temporada, en diciembre de 2005, en abril de 2006, y en el final de Alias el 22 de mayo de 2006.

Nadia Santos, who was played by Mía Maestro, was Sydney's half-sister and the daughter of Arvin Sloane and Irina Derevko. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something ...

Dal 2002 al 2006 interpreta l'affascinate personaggio di Irina Derevko nella serie di culto Alias creata da J.J. Abrams, al fianco di Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin, Victor Garber e Michael Vartan. Dal 1994 è sposata con il regista svedese Lasse Hallström , nel cui film Chocolat nel 2000 ha recitato accanto a Juliette Binoche , Johnny Depp ...

Sa mère, Irina Derevko, qui dans un premier temps s'est rendue à la CIA, la trahit et s'enfuit avec Sloane, l'ancien chef du SD-6, afin d'achever ensemble leur quête du secret de Rambaldi. Dans le même temps, elle apprend l'existence d'un ancien projet de la CIA qui consistait à entraîner des enfants à être espions dès leur plus jeune ...

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Irina Fyodorovna Derevko, also known as Laura Bristow and The Man, (Russian: Ирина Фёдоровна Деревко; 22 March 1951 - 22 May 2006) was a former KGB operative tasked at the age of eighteen with serving her country by marrying CIA agent Jack Bristow.

Irina Derevko (Russian: Ирина Деревко) is a fictional character on the television series Alias, and a main character during the second season of the series. Irina, played by Lena Olin, is the mother of the central character, Sydney Bristow.

A full character profile for Irina Derevko, as played by Lena Olin in the Alias espionage TV series. Photos, biography, skills, personality, etc.

Irina Derevko (Russian: Ирина Деревко) is a fictional character on the television series Alias , and a main character during the second season of the series. Irina, played by Lena Olin, is the mother of the central character, Sydney Bristow.

Reprising her role as the duplicitous "Irina Derevko" for the season finale of Alias (2001). [April 2005] Is one of five Swedish actresses to be nominated for a Golden Globe award. The others are Ingrid Bergman, Anita Ekberg, Ann-Margret and Rebecca Ferguson.

There was a reason why Irina Derevko had disappeared from the face of the earth for a couple of years. She had another child called Tatiana with Andrew Lazzaray. My take on how season 2 would change through the addition of another Derevko.

Jack Bristow & Irina Derevko, Alias (2001-2006) I’ve had a picture of your face in my mind for twenty years. I remember a loving husband, a generous man, a patriot. I may have been under orders to fabricate a life with you, but there were times when the illusion of our marriage was as powerful for me as it was for you.

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Elena-Derevko Elena is the sister of Irina and Katya Derevko and was one of the KGB's foremost assassins, responsible for the murder of countless diplomats and politicians throughout Eastern Europe. She was described by her sister Irina as "volatile and quick-tempered".

Lena Olin as Irina Derevko (a.k.a. Laura Bristow) (Season 2, guest star in 4.21, 4.22, 5.9, 5.11 & 5.17) Melissa George as Lauren Reed (Season 3), uncredited guest appearance in Season 4 Mía Maestro as Nadia Santos (Season 4, recurring before and afterwards) Rachel Nichols as Rachel Gibson (Season 5)

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