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Josef Rudolf Mengele (pronuncia tedesca: /ˈjoːzɛf ˈmɛŋələ/) (Günzburg, 16 marzo 1911 – Bertioga, 7 febbraio 1979) è stato un militare e criminale di guerra tedesco.. Laureato in antropologia all'Università Ludwig Maximilian di Monaco e in medicina all'Università Goethe di Francoforte, è noto per i crudeli esperimenti medici e di eugenetica che svolse nel campo di concentramento ...

Josef Mengele parancsára mintegy négyszázezer foglyot gázosítottak el, többségük magyar zsidó volt. Hasonló volt az eljárás a táborok felszámolásakor is: amikor 1944 nyarán a cigánytábort megszüntették, Mengele mintegy 1400 személyt küldött át Buchenwaldba és körülbelül kétszer ennyit a gázkamrába. A ...

No, Mengele actually succeeded at his job, killing Jews. Fauci is still trying to decide if we should wear masks almost a year and a half in. I’d say not at all. Mengele was a different beast from Fauci. Fauci is a media whore who will ruin the country in the name of his own fame and power ...

In his record of this period, Josef Mengele wrote: ''At war`s end, my unit (a medical unit) was in Czechoslovakia. On the night of the cease-fire, we pulled back to the west. In the vicinity of ...

Dr. Josef Mengele (aka “The Angel of Death”) was deeply fascinated by twins. He would have them separated from the other prisoners when they arrived at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Every day, the twins had to have their blood drawn. The true purpose of this routine is unknown. Experiments on twins were extensive. They had to be ...

Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death. Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Images. Nicknamed “the Angel of Death” for his ghoulish work at the Auschwitz death camp, Mengele arrived in Argentina in 1949. He lived there quite openly for a while, ...

The song follows a similar vein to Slayer's famous song about fellow Axis war criminal Josef Mengele, "Angel of Death". Like "Angel of Death", the song was written by Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman , who himself was an amateur historian of WW2.

Lidia Maksymowicz è una sopravvissuta polacca di origine bielorussa, vittima a soli tre anni delle sperimentazioni crudeli dello ’scienziato’ e criminale nazista, Josef Mengele, che ieri, in ...

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