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Watch the skies. When you’re out and about, watch the sky for signs of approaching thunderstorms, such as rain, darkening skies, or towering cumulonimbus clouds. If you can anticipate lightning before the first strike, you can avoid being caught in a bad situation. Note that lightning can, however, strike even in the absence of these indicators.

The greenish color often means hail, and the orangey color is a sign of dust being kicked up by strong winds in the storm. Note: On the Eastern plains of Colorado, if the clouds have a blue tinge, feel safe, but a brown tinge is a sign that a swirling effect is present (e.g. tornado) and dirt is getting sucked up into the clouds.

A tornado watch means that there is a threat of tornadoes within your area and that you should keep an eye on the news. A tornado warning is much more serious. Tornado warnings mean that a sign of rotation has been detected and that you should take immediate action depending on the tornado's location and its predicted track. [8]

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severe thunderstorm watch means

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