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History. In Latin, most second declension masculine nouns ending in -us form their plural in -i.However, some Latin nouns ending in -us are not second declension (cf. Latin grammar).For example, third declension neuter nouns such as opus and corpus have plurals opera and corpora, and fourth declension masculine and feminine nouns such as sinus and tribus have plurals sinūs and tribūs.

This Is Us Is Ending With Season 6 According to a new report, season six will be the last for This Is Us.The season five finale airs Tuesday, May 25 on NBC.

This is the end for the Pearsons. "This Is Us", NBC's top-rated family drama, will end after the upcoming sixth season, according to multiple reports. NBC declined to comment. According to The ...

The lead actress herself, Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson from a young, wannabe artist all the way until she's in her 80s, is beginning to speak about the series ending. Of letting go of "This Is Us," she says, "It is going to be pretty emotional to, sort of, let this go, but not living in that world quite yet.

Actor Justin Hartley joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss his thoughts on 'This Is Us' ending after season 6 and his new venture with Revel Spirits.

The Hollywood Reporter just revealed that sources say This Is Us is officially ending after Season 6. NBC plans to announce soon that it will come to an end during the upcoming 2021-22 broadcast ...

Ending: "Queen of the South" (USA) "Queen of the South" will end after its fifth season, which will include 10 episodes and premieres April 7 on USA Network. Ending: "Kim's Convenience" (Netflix/CBC)

If the upcoming sixth and final season is 18 episodes as planned, that will bring This Is Us’ run to more than 100 episodes, which remains the gold standard of network television in terms of selling syndication rights in the future.. Meanwhile, Fogelman’s future seems pretty secure thanks to a nine-figure deal with Disney and 20 th Television to develop new projects.

The Ending Of This Is Us Season 5 Explained. Ron Batzdorff/NBC. By Victoria Miller / May 31, 2021 8:24 pm EDT / Updated: May 31, 2021 8:24 pm EDT

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this is us ending

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